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How to optimize blog posts using the RankMath SEO plugin, which helps to optimize the post for up to 5 keywords. How Google rank works and why this is the best replacement then Yoast SEO plugin.
How to target a keyword in a blog post to optimize it for the search engine like google.

How to install RankMath:

Yoast vs RankMmath:

Google Core ranking update:…

What is CTR and how to increase CTR:…

Get Quick Adsense approval…

Google Adsense alternatives…

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  1. pooja sharma

    Quick and simple. thanks

  2. Ali Mohammad

    Hello Mr Vyas! Most important query after internal linking the issue before me the Hyperlink is not showing in the posting page in WordPress if the visitor comes to my site how can he go to other pages while a link is not visible. Please solve my issue.

  3. Sheetal BiswasDas

    Thank you, Vyas.Very informative video. Keep it Up.

  4. Technical Ninja Mohit

    Bhai kya aapne Apne old videos ke thumbnail update kiye?

  5. Deepak Deewan

    Agar aapki har baaton ko agar koi follow karke Employment kar le usey Success hone se koi Nahi rok sakta hai🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️