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I switched to Rank Math back in November and it had a profound effect on my traffic. I explain all in this video.

I also take a look at the new Elementor integration that Rank Math provides.

Switching to Rank Math Vid: Playlist:
How to create content vid:
Add a table of contents to your WordPress posts:

Get content…
BKA Content (Use code WPEAGLE for a discount):

Let me know about your experience with Rank Math in the comments.

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  1. The Solopreneur

    I downloaded Rank Math this year as well. It has help me write better blog post and I'm getting better day by day and excited to see the growth as well.

  2. Shaikha AlAbry

    Thank you , I have one issue , in elementor text editing I get 80% but when I go on list of all posts it shows 50% 🧐

  3. Thepul Darshana

    can you please do a full video how to create amazon affiliate web site ?

  4. Shaikha AlAbry

    Are you still using rankmath? …I started using few month but now it has a bug I think , it gives me good percentage 80-90% when I’m editing posts but when looking from the list of posts I see all of them I have low marks like less than 70 🙁