Elementor responsive Tutorial

Elementor responsive Tutorial - MayanSEO.com, we are a White Label White Hat SEO Agency. Uploaded to the category Wordpress Design. We serve USA, Canada, En…

Elementor responsive Tutorial

Elementor responsive Tutorial – MayanSEO.com

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Master wordpress website design with Elementor: beginner to Advanced with no coding&build wordpress ecommerce web Design:

WORDPRESS is that amazing tool to build & develop a website with no coding or web design experience and you don’t even want to know about web design to make a beautiful website because WordPress got all those breathtaking beautiful themes.

This is the perfect place to start your WordPress Web Design & Web development course.

This Course we will be using the latest techniques to design our WordPress website using the Elementor Drag & Drop page builder giving us the flexibility to design or do anything within our WordPress website without the restrictions of the WordPress themes talking our web design to the next level.

In the WordPress course we will be learning Web Design & demonstrating Design theories & Fundamentals including design ratios, colors, fonts & more to achieve the best design visuals possible for our web design & development including Latest Design Trends.

Also you will learn how to use the Elementor & WordPress theme to create a beautiful WordPress Ecommerce store that attracts your customers and shows your products at it’s best design aspect & presentation Managing all the store customizations including tax, shipping, sales & even discount coupons.

This is a very practical course i will walk you through the steps and together we will be building your WordPress website step by step so by finishing this course you will have your website designed with its customization & getting the best out of it.

I tried to make this wordpress web development course so concentrated straight to the point making it so complete in the shortest possible time editing all the loading boring times or excluding all the bla bla that is not going to be useful to the students.

WordPress is powering more 28% of overall internet websites. its a perfect tool & has been used for big websites like ( Mercedes benz, xerox, ebay inc, bestbuy..etc) & you can customize your wordpress website for any purpose. Whether you want to create a personal portfolio, a blog, or a business website to sell your products and services.

You will learn how to build & do web development for your wordpress website for free except for the hosting plan but everything else i will be showing you all the free methods to do it like the premuim even for elementor i will teach you to make it like a pro version with free plugins.

Some of my students comments on my best selling wordpress course :

” Interesting! Your style in explaining the topic is interesting. Good course! I have made my website right now, and within days it will be LIVE. Thanks a lot, this course is a great help” Mohamed Elshahidi

“course, …

Elementor responsive Tutorial Description

Elementor responsive Tutorial – MayanSEO.com, we are a White Label White Hat SEO Agency. Uploaded to the category WordPress Design. We serve USA, Canada, En…

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  1. Dominique Comtois

    I don't see as much options as you do when I go to my Customize section? In fact the header section is not there… Have you installed any more pluggin to be able to see that? Like Astra Pro or something? BTW thanks for the video it will be usefull if I can get the section!

  2. Michael TH

    Please make tutorial on how to design responsive design in elementor

  3. Demi Lyndem

    hi.i have created a text on elementor but there is a problem which I cannot fix. the whole text on mobile view is grayed out and when I check on my mobile the text does not appear at all. can you help please.

  4. Zero Impetuous

    customizing the contents for mobile WILL AFFECT THE DESKTOP version.


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