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Best Free WordPress SEO Plugin 🔥 Rank Math SEO Plugin Tutorial Hindi | Install and Best Setup Rank Math
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Rank math is an SEO plugin for better SEO and if you are a Yoast SEO user then you would Like rank math plugin is your plugin this is the best plugin in the SEO category this is lightweight plugin there is more featured than Yoast SEO this is why I like rank math SEO plugin and the main thing of the plugin you will get redirection 404-page error handling in the plugin itself and when it comes to who Yoast SEO you have to buy Premium for the same.

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  1. Cornerstone Digital

    Hello sir, look at the steps @3:50. While connecting the google account and allow access to rank math, its again showing that big connect google button. Its just wont get connect with google account. what should i do. I raised a ticket in their website but they are clueless about it. Can you please help me ? I am requesting you. please.