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FREE SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2020 – Rank Math SEO Plugin – Get No.1 on Google. Best SEO Settings and Optimisations for Posts of Classic Editor, Guttenberg and Elementor for getting Better rankings on Google Search Results.
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00:00 Introduction
00:38 Installing Rank Math SEO Plugin
01:40 Rank Math Setup Wizard
04:03 Google Search Console Setup
07:15 How to Use Rank Math to Optimise Post
09:09 Focus Keyword
10:28 Basic SEO: Keyword in Title
12:15 SEO Keyword in Meta Description
16:45 Social Share Settings
17:23 Focus Ketyword in the URL
18:09 Keyword in First 10% of Content
18:37 Keyword in the Content & Content Length
19:25 Additional Settings, Keyword in Sub Heading
20:42 Image SEO, Alt Attributes, Captions etc.
25:33 Keyword Density & URL Length
26:55 External & Internal Links
30:39 Not used Keyword before
31:02 Title Readability
34:23 Content Readability, Table of Content
37:43 Product SEO

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  1. Nayyar Shaikh

    This is the first video in the upcoming SEO Series.

  2. Risk taker

    My siteground premium expired without making a penny in a whole year. And now that I want re-pay I am upset on few things. Why can’t I continue my website?
    Why should I pay more than I did in my first transiction. Anyway I’ll hustle

  3. Alif Hasan Shah

    Thank you so much …Make a video for yoast plugin

  4. Arfan Riaz

    You're a legend dude!

  5. QOK Tuts

    The Best Channel I have ever seen on YouTube. Great Nayyar Shaikh Bhai. Thanks for the Advance SEO Tips and Tricks.