How Does WordPress Work? File Structure & Hierarchy Expl

How Does WordPress Work? File Structure & Hierarchy Expl -, we are a White Label White Hat SEO Agency. Uploaded to the category Wordpress Design…

How Does WordPress Work? File Structure & Hierarchy Expl

How Does WordPress Work? File Structure & Hierarchy Expl

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How does WordPress work? *WATCH NEWER VIDEO BELOW*

If you’re using WordPress as your platform for a website, you might be curious.

Here’s a high-level look at what is happening behind the scenes with the directory or folder structure, database, PHP files & template hierarchy.

1) It’s PHP software + a database which provides a content management system for your website. Creating, building & managing a website is incredibly easy.

2) It’s free & open source. The learning curve may be high, but you have complete flexibility when it comes to designing the exact website you want. Because it’s open source, people extend the functionality of the WordPress core by programming plugins to make your life easier.

3) You download ZIP file for manual installation. I prefer an easier method: 1-click WordPress install using QuickInstall. This is available with HostGator.

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4) WordPress consists of files, directories and a database on your web server. Even though it’s straightforward, this can sometimes confuse those wanting to find out “how does WordPress work?” from a software standpoint if they aren’t tech savvy.

The file structure consists of three main directories at the top-level of your WordPress installation – wp-admin, wp-content and wp-includes – and these are where files are stored as you continue to use WordPress.

The “wp-admin” directory is what builds your WordPress admin pages that allows you to easily update your website.

The “wp-content” directory stores your themes, plugins and uploads (such as images, PDF files).

The “wp-includes” directory contains the core WordPress software, which means you don’t want to touch this folder!

When you first install WordPress, you need to setup one database on your website host. That database will have a name and password, and must have an approved user to edit.

Once the database is setup, those details are stored in the “wp-config.php” file.

From there, every time you add new content to your website it will be stored correctly in your database.

FYI, to create a complete backup, you must backup both the files on your web server and also the MySQL database.

5) You can preview the aforementioned file structure using an FTP program (FileZilla is my choice for PC and Mac), or directly from the file manager within your web host.

6) You can always adjust or test a new design by activating different themes. Then once you find a theme you like, you can customize it completely if you know enough code. …

How Does WordPress Work? File Structure & Hierarchy Expl Description

How Does WordPress Work? File Structure & Hierarchy Expl –, we are a White Label White Hat SEO Agency. Uploaded to the category WordPress Design…

How Does WordPress Work? File Structure & Hierarchy Expl Tags

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  1. Andrew Reichel

    Thanks looking forward to future videos.

  2. Paul S

    Very useful. Thanks for posting, Ray. I've thrown some test websites up and started to become curious as to just where Worpress stores things; now I know. Thanks again.

  3. Daniel Menges

    Thanks Ray. Seeing the back end of WordPress and the examples of themes was really helpful. Some of the text was difficult to see though (because it was so small). It'd be helpful if you zoomed in on the WordPress admin info in your video.

  4. Tim Greenhalgh

    Thank you I have been reading article after article for weeks and not finding anything about the relationship between:

    1. Parent and Child Pages
    2. Categories and Child Categories.

    This article was fantastic but I am still a little confused.

    I am trying to plan my site architecture and hierarchy and don’t want to make mistakes again which will affect the site negatively as it grows.

    I am planning a music agency and just can't work out whether categories should be above Parent-child pages in a hierarchy or below.

    I have 3 Main Categories or Parent pages as follows:

    1. Live Bands

    2. Vintage Themed Entertainment

    3. Singers and Musicians

    Each one has multiple child categories or pages underneath such as:

    1. Live Bands

    – Jazz and Swing
    — instrumental Jazz
    — Jazz Duos
    — Jazz Quartets

    I can make this work with either parent-child pages or categories but I also have to target counties/ regions for Jazz bands how to do I make that fit within the hierarchy. Not sure whether it should be in the hierarchy or whether I should just use a custom post type and have a search function on the jazz and swing page for band type and location.
    I’ve been over and over with this for weeks and just can’t make a decision about how to approach. Any guidance or advice and I would be eternally grateful.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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