How To Design A Wordpress Website - 2015

How To Design A Wordpress Website - 2015 -, we are a White Label White Hat SEO Agency. Uploaded to the category Wordpress Design. We serve USA,…

How To Design A WordPress Website – 2015

How To Design A WordPress Website – 2015 –

Step by Step Tutorial Shows How To Create A Beautiful WordPress Website or Blog.

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WordPress developers have been on a mission to revolutionize your web design experience with 100% front-end visual builders. The push to move in this direction started over a year ago, and the visual revolution has been one of the most interesting and innovative feats I have followed to date.

X Theme Announces The Release of Cornerstone!

X Theme has just released Cornerstone, which is a 100% front-end, visual editor. I was extremely skeptical of using a front-end builder because I was concerned about my ability to customize page templates with advanced styling and layouts. (Not to mention compatibility with other premium plugins I use to power my WordPress blog).

After pussyfooting around, I decided to take a deep dive into the new Cornerstone visual builder, and I was astounded with the design flexibility and plugin compatibility Cornerstone offers. It’s not every day you have a chance to be part of the generation that moves into the visual web design world, but we are here, and it’s happening right before our very eyes.

Cornerstone Is Giving Power To The User

It’s exciting to see developers giving power to the people by Forfeiting their power by creating WordPress themes that (for the first time) give the end-user the ability to create and build professional page templates.

The ‘Done For You’ Revolution Has Commenced

With the release of X Theme 4.0.7 we now have the ability to save page templates and page blocks to the Cornerstone visual builder library, but that’s not all. You can also export page templates and blocks using the .csl file type!

Cornerstone Will Change The Landscape For Designers And Online Marketers!

With the ability to export pages and import pages to new sites, the possibilities are endless. The visual revolution is super exciting for me, and I hope you are getting excited thinking of all the money there is to make designing custom templates for clients and fans.

By: Seth Riley

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How To Design A WordPress Website – 2015 Description

How To Design A WordPress Website – 2015 –, we are a White Label White Hat SEO Agency. Uploaded to the category WordPress Design. We serve USA,…

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  1. adictiveadictive

    wish someone would build a site from scratch using this theme

  2. Saji Ijiyemi

    Thanks for this great tutorial Seth. Wondering which social media plugin you're using

  3. Adam

    Hey Seth…are you using X or Enfold as your 'go-to' theme builder? I noticed with a more recent video you made, you're using Enfold. Why one over the other? Thx!

  4. Ed777uk

    Hi Seth..thanks finally starting to get my head around cornerstone!….I had the plugin Social warfare..but seems to conflict with cornerstone…..whats a good sharing plugin that might work better??

  5. Naqshi Official

    hi Seth Riley how are you i hop u also good i watch your video i likeSeth Riley i need your help pleas giv me a idea how i create like instagram & twitter site with wordpress.


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