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This video is for all Yoast SEO users. Rank Math has more options than Yoast SEO and it is completely free! In this video I show you how switch seamlessly from Yoast SEO to Rank Math. With Rank Math you have more options so you can optimize your website even further, be found better, get more visitors etc.


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We offer White Label SEO

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  1. ariascreate

    Ferdy, you are a true master and my inspiration! Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Falcon

    Hello, brother, I was using Yoast for the last 4 years. But today I have switched it with Rankmath by following your guide. Only one thing that I need to know. When is Rankmath providing the '301 redirections' option then why you using some other plugin? And which plugin you use for redirection and its setup, please.

  3. Thepul Darshana

    is ok to use any gmail address or should we use the same email that we created wordpress site ?

  4. ayman elsaid

    great work

  5. Lars Petersen

    Rank Math is no longer free. You will need the Pro version for extra keywords, etc. One has to check up on conditions prior to installing. I did not 🙁