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Rank Math is now the best SEO plugin for WordPress and this video, I am going to show you exactly how to install and configure the plugin to optimize both your website and its content.

Installation – 2:47
General Settings – 11:27
Titles & Meta Part 1 – 19:00
Titles & Meta Part 2 – 29:34
Google Search Console – 33:19
Sitemaps – 35:08
404 Redirections – 36:44
SEO Analysis – 40:45
Tools & Status – 43:23
Bulk Editor Tool – 47:29
Optimizing Content – 49:15
Conclusion – 59:16

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  1. steve william

    is this the setup for stores or just blog posts?

  2. Costamedic

    Thank you very much.

  3. Shehab Alfakih

    Excellent and good Tutorial, one question if some one knows the answer,
    what would happen if I do not setup an image on the " social " tab, which image will be used when sharing on Facebook and Twitter on a time I do not do it,,, or I have to indeed setup an image on the " social " tab?
    Thank you